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     Ascension is an 8-12 week music workshop that focuses on culturally conscious songwriting. The program consists of 2 sessions per week: Mondays 6:30-8:30 at YASP Head Quarters (924 Cherry Street) and Thursdays 6:30-8:30 at Civic Power Studio (2512 N Alder Street). All participants will be compensated for their time.


    The purpose of the Ascension course is to combat gun violence by transforming the culture of Hip-Hop through training local artists to promote socially responsible messages within the community.


    Gun violence, an epidemic running rampant through the streets of Philadelphia, cripples the hearts of the victims’ families and the wallets of the entire community. Much of the violence that we hear about today is actually a result of displaced aggression caused by a dissonance within the self concept. With 7000 students dropping out of school by the end of 2022, the city needs a long term solution to the destruction and disillusionment that has plagued it’s communities for so many years.

     In 2021 alone Philadelphia taxpayers spent $131 million on gun fatalities. At a fraction of the cost the Ascension program will save taxpayers $6 million in it’s first year of implementation and give disparaged communities much needed reprieve as they grieve the loss of their loved ones.

      Ascension is a three phase program designed to train artists to create intellectual assets that promote productivity and empowerment within the community. Each phase of the program represents a different stage of mastery. Ascension training consists of 18 sessions over a period of 12 weeks (2 sessions per week). Each session will focus on one of the 9 steps of ascension.


    The first session of the week will include an assortment of interactive discussions, activities and writing prompts curated to inspire, empower and initiate self-development as well as community development. The second session will be dedicated to the actual production of the positive songs created. After all 9 steps are actualized participants will then organize and perform a show for the community.




         Step 1: Affirm Thy Self

         Step 2: Disassociate Thy Self

         Step 3: Manifest Thy Self


         Step 1: Emulation

         Step 2: Expanding Horizons

         Step 3: Resistance Practice


          Step 1: Trauma

          Step 2: Gender Roles

          Step 3: Addiction

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