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the challenge

For generations, systemic inequity, disproportionate incarceration rates, educational and economic disparities, health inequities, historical trauma, and social marginalization have plagued the Black community.

the result: Persistent barriers to opportunity and wellbeing, continued cycles of poverty and disenfranchisement, and a lack of empowerment and healing within the community.

dayonenotdaytwo aims to transform cultural paradigms while empowering under-served communities.

our goals

the tribe


Andre Simms

Andre is an activist artist, founder of the nonprofit DayOneNotDayTwo, and self-published author of "Activate Abundance: 5 Steps For Manifesting Freedom." He is leading an intergenerational movement to dismantle systems of oppression, healing through creative expression and building power through narrative. Andre is the former lead youth organizer for the Youth Art and Self Empowerment Project and a proud member of the Care Not Control coalition. His work has been featured on PBS WHYY and CSPAN advocating to end youth incarceration. Andre was a 2022 recipient of Penn Medicine’s Community Hero Award for his commitment to transforming the culture.

executive director

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Angelique Fenton 

Angelique Fenton, known to the community as "Luna Jung"  is an artist, reader, and spiritual teacher on a mission to activate transformational healing. As Co-Director of the nonprofit DayOneNotDayTwo, Angelique is dedicated to fostering healing and narrative empowerment within indigenous melanated communities. With a passion for holistic wellness, she utilizes her talents as a DJ to guide audiences on transformative journeys through music.


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Maxine Morris

Maxine Morris is a painter, poet, and Restorative Justice practitioner for Delaware County's first youth participatory defense hub. Overcoming childhood adversity, she utilizes art as a tool for empowerment and facilitates transformative workshops for young people facing similar challenges. Maxine's poetry vividly captures the complexities of coming of age within the Philadelphia Foster care system, offering unapologetic narratives of pain, passion, and punishment. As a Restorative Justice practitioner, Maxine brings a unique blend of artistic insight and lived experience, contributing to the vital work of Delaware County's youth defense hub. Her advocacy champions the belief that every voice, especially those of the youth, holds immeasurable power and significance.

restorative practitioner


Andre davis

Andre Davis was sentenced to 140-280 years for robbery and conspiracy during the war on crime. For ten years, he continued his pattern of drug use, but in 1993, he entered the Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Behavior Adjustment Unit at Graterford and reconnected with his spirituality. After treatment, he became active in his own transformation and helping others. Since 1997, he has participated in People Advancing Reintegration (PAR), serving in various leadership roles. He is also a founding member of the LIFERS' Public Safety Initiative (PSI) and serves on the Steering Committee.

board of directors

our partners

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