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About DayOneNotDayTwo

We serve the community. We inspire young people impacted by social inequity to heal, creating long lasting generational change.


Our goal is to transform cultural paradigms while empowering under-served communities.


Emotional Intelligence

  • To educate the collective on the benefits of emotional intelligence & human dynamics as it relates to communicating and collaborating as a community

  • To train leaders in the community on emotional intelligent facilitating  

Energy Centers

  • To educate the community on their energetic & spiritual bodies

  • To raise awareness about the bio,psycho, social factors that influence the health of the energy body to help community members achieve a balanced system

Restorative Justice

  • To develop policies that repair harm and rebuild relationships in the community 

  • To partner with restorative justice programs 

  • To educate the collective on the benefits of restorative justice programming and shift the focus from the punishment inflicted to the repair to be done 

Creative Development

  • To study and document the benefits of therapeutic creative expression 

  • To train artists to use multi-sensory expression as a tool to transform the culture 

  • To correct the mis-education of the collective through creative arts

Financial Literacy

  • to teach the collective mindsets and tools to maintain financial health, in effect developing financial wealth

  • To demonstrate the benefits of social capital and effective methods for its development

  • To teach the collective economic principles that lead to the attainment of financial freedom. 

Community Service

  • To create a mindset that centers community oriented service at the forefront of all endeavors

  • To act out of the benefit of the collective knowing the collective good will create personal good


  • To employ apprenticeship programs as opportunities to combat poverty and educational disparities 

Rituals & Remedies

  • To connect the collective with ancestral knowledge of herbal wisdom & the natural cycles of the earth for optimal health & wellness.

  • To establish ceremony as an integral daily practice 

Regenerative Environmentalism

  • to create an awareness of and connection to our environment. To develop a relationship of reciprocity with the Earth, giving as we receive

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