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Emotional Intelligence



Becoming Attuned With Your Core-Self

Knowing Our Two Minds 

Knowing One's Emotions

Managing Emotions

Motivating Oneself

Recognizing Emotions In Oneself

Handling Relationships


Spiritually & Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence & The Law of Attraction

Victimization Awareness & Prevention

Restorative Justice: Moving Beyond Punishment 

Ending to Begin

The goal of this course is to enhance sensitivity to the collective needs and promote healing by creating a safe, non-violent and respectful community. The Emotional Intelligence workshop series is intended to serve as a means to equip participants with cognitive resources that will allow them to access and fully embrace their innate humanity. Part One of the workshop series consists of 12--One-and-a-half-hour long sessions. Part Two consists of 8 one-and-a­ half-hour long sessions. Workshop participants will engage in interactive activities that revolve around specific themes designed to elevate self-awareness. Workshop session titles include the following:

     Knowledge is the most valuable form of power known to mankind because knowledge is necessary in order to obtain, maintain, and utilize all other forms of power. There is one kind of knowledge that, although often overlooked, is the most powerful form of knowledge one can possess. That form of knowledge is commonly referred to as Self-Knowledge or Self-Awareness. It's the most powerful simply because it's the only source of knowledge that can equip you with the ability to control and effectively utilize power derived from all other kinds of knowledge. There are millions of people who live their lives in a chronic state of joyless misery. They include people who are incarcerated, free, poor, rich, famous, and intelligent. The one thing that all such people have in common is a lack of Self­ Awareness. The quest for self-awareness is a life long journey that can only be traveled within. This workshop series is designed to equip participants with information and cognitive tools that will be useful in making that journey more profitable.

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