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Meet the tribe


Marriya Mobley is a Philly native, who has overcome a very troubling childhood, filled with adversity and trauma. In Mobley’s childhood she has endured: death of parents, child abuse, rape, severe bullying, and more. All her life she has been on a mission to change the world and bring advocacy to voices that have been silenced, and a culture that has been dying within the Philadelphia community. Always having a passion for the power of education, Mobley taught kids with behavioral challenges and special needs in some of the most underfunded schools. Mobley quickly learned she was born with a gift to help anybody change their narrative regardless of their situation, in very creative and abstract ways.


Through her role as Director Of Communications she strives to change the narratives of families, and healing within all communities, of all demographics and ages. Mobley is an Expressive Healing Enthusiast, Educator, Abstract Artist, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Trauma Specialist, Event Planner, Behavior Specialist and holds a degree in Elementary Education & Psychology. Mobley's message to the world is that no matter who you are, you can heal through expression!

Marriya Mobley

Director of Communications


Rashaun Williams is a social service professional, public policy organizer and disc jockey who works to progress the ecology, education, human rights and humanities of his community.

Using his professional experiences and subject matter expertise on the social determinants of health particularly for his community, Rashaun develops and advocates reparations policies and resolutions for the descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States and Indigenous Americans to redress the crimes committed against their humanity,

Rashaun Williams

Director of Policy


Andre Simms, also known to the community as performing artist DayOneNotDayTwo, is an activist, artist, and the Lead Organizer for the Youth Art & Self Empowerment Project. After serving 8 years in prison at the age of 17, Andre has been working with YASP & the Care, Not Control Coalition to end youth incarceration in Pennsylvania.


Andre coordinates a youth led participatory defense hub in Philadelphia, facilitates art and poetry workshops in the Philadelphia jails, and runs a music program that pays local artists to create socially responsible music and poetry as a way to combat the culture of violence in Philadelphia. 


Andre is also part of the Care, Not Control coalition which is a statewide advocacy campaign with the mission to end the carceral state for youth in Pennsylvania. Through his work with Care, Not Control Andre has spoken with lawmakers using his experience to advocate for reform within the juvenile justice system. He has also organized protests panels and press conferences all in which he’s used his experience and platform to advocate for safer futures for young people. He was most recently featured on CSPAN during a panel alongside Liz Ryan where he addressed the media’s portrayal of youth crime. 


Andre’s mission is to inspire, Empower, and make positive impacts that lead to equal opportunities for all. 

Andre "DayOneNotDayTwo" Simms

Executive Director


Jason M. Coles is a graduate of Howard University where he studied finance in the nation’s capital. He also holds an MBA in management information systems from Wilmington University in Delaware.  In 2018 Jason founded and created the platform Katika to better help people find and connect to black owned businesses and resources.  Jason has been a strong advocate of building up local communities through economics by using technology.  He has created several programs and events in the city educating people about the importance of supporting local businesses.

Jason Coles

Operations Manager


Angelique Fenton, known to the community as Luna Jung, is an artist, holistic healer and Co-Director of DayOneNotDayTwo. After completing a Bachelors degree in Neuroscience Luna set out on a mission to restore communities through sustainable holistic practices. Through her business Mind Body Source she provides chakra healing, life coaching and wellness workshops curated to cultivate community centered healing.

Angelique Fenton



Dija Fraiji is an artist, intuitive reader, sound healer dedicated to assisting in the elevation of all souls through self awareness and spiritual elevation.  Through her work as an Expressive Illustrations Facilitator Dija creates safe spaces for comm(unity).

Dija Fraiji

Expressive Illustrations Facilitator


Sheen Anthony curates spaces that facilitate spiritual healing by uplifting, empowering, and affirming our kin.

Sheen Anthony identifies as multidimensional creative being because he firmly believes there is nothing we cannot do, be, or have. As an Expressive Illustrations Facilitator he highlights that we are all ever evolving and no longer have to give our energy to limiting beliefs.


“Not being you is the biggest lie to YOURSELF”

Sheen Anthony

Expressive Illustrations Facilitator


"Paul 'Frost' Jackson is a West Philly native, an educator, an outdoorsman, and a passionate community servant. He is on a mission to help marginalized people (especially urban youth) expand their minds and lives beyond what society tends to offer. He is a diligent consultant -- pulling from his life experience as a teacher, program developer, event producer, travel operator, and motivational guide.

Paul Jackson

Program Coordinator


Maxine Morris is a painter, poet, performer, and the Creative Arts Coordinator at DayOneNotDayTwo. She has used art as an outlet to overcome childhood adversity and now, through the Art of Healing, facilitates workshops that empower other young people to do the same. Through her poetry she paints unapologetic pictures of the pain, passion, and punishment associated with coming of age in Philadelphia. Through her abstract paintings Maxine's voice speaks to the power of perspectives.

Maxine Morris

Creative Arts Coordinator


Brittant Bryant, known to the community as Minister Coco B, provides services holistic therapies for all ages and walks of life. She assists Expressive Illustrations participants in maintaining overall mental and physical wellbeing, reminding us all to love ourselves.


Mind, Body, and Spirit U R Wellness.

Brittany Bryant

Expressive Illustrations Facilitator

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 09.51.15.png

Omasyus Tentu Heru (Andrew Kelly) was born in Atlanta, Ga to a family of 11. Born with a heart for people, in 2008 Omasyus joined Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. whose motto is “Friendship is Essential to the Soul". Having an uncanny knack for leadership & living up to his line name, “TakeOva”, he was elected President within his first year in the Fraternity. 
A self-proclaimed student of all truth, after receiving his degree in Accounting &Business he studied Christian Ministries at Highland College in Birmingham, AL & is an active member of the UNIA-ACL, Ausar Auset Society, Moorish Science Temple & United Sabeans Worldwide. After studying for his master’s degree in organizational leadership he became a self-taught global economist.
In his initial learning of entrepreneurship, he purchased the Mardi Gras Cafe (Atlanta, GA) in 2012 which he owned for 4 years.  He left the restaurant industry to follow in the footsteps of Marcus Garvey to build strong communities rooted in self-actualization, community engagement, and global partnerships. Expanding his mission globally in 2022 he birthed the Royal Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The global ministries mission is to manifest Harmony on
Earth through Cooperative Economics and a redefined self worth rooted in the acceptance and allowance of individuality as we are all ARTiculations of the Most High.

Omasyus Tentu Heru

Media Justice Coordinator


Armstead Harris is from the West Philadelphia area and the Community Ambassador of Philadelphia for the WATL (World Axe Throwing League). Harris has a relentless ambition for the education, discipline, & unity of our youth. Once a product of his environment he is now the product of growth & determination. Harris is an agent of change in our city and an advocate for youth, offering guidance through their challenges. He currently uses axe throwing to help youth decompress from daily stressors & inspire them to overcome their obstacles. 

Armstead Harris

Wellness Coordinator


Sashaun Townsend is advocate for the restoration of our communities. He believes the root cause of the destruction and violence in our communities is from lack of communication and aims to bridge the gap between younger black males and the older black male generation. Townsend is a student of the universe and values teaching and learning from each other,

Sashaun Townsend

Chief Operations Officer


Jessie Keel C.P.S. is an eternal student of life who embodies empathetic leadership via radical grassroots organizing, advocacy, and effective collaboration, she leads with love and holistic innerstanding to support her community. As a whole-hearted community organizer with aspirations to “Heal the Future”, she sows seeds of healing and empowerment within youth & young adults who inquire to lead organizing efforts. Much of her past projects centers youth voices and experiences as they are all too often stigmatized and stifled. Her passions derive from her own lived experience of being impacted by youth systems- ex; foster care, juvenile delinquency, youth homelessnes, navigating mental health and anger management- allowing her to pave the way for her to support youth facing the same systemic barriers & adversities.


Jessie is an ideal person to touch base with when it comes to resource navigation in Philadelphia. She is currently a CoChair of the PH4Y Coalition, a Co Founding member of the former powerhouse Youth HEALers Stand-Up, the CoOrganizer of Youth Mentorship and Community Engagement for The Womanist Working Collective, and a Holistic Wellness Consultant & Detox Specialist via the IASV Academy.


“Love and Build, Love and Fight, Love and Work. Always Love First. Anything placed before Love will Fail” -Sistah Souljah

Jessie Keel

Lead Youth Organizer


During the mandatory sentence climate and the war on crime Andre Davis was convicted and sentenced to 140-280 years for twelve counts of robbery and four counts of conspiracy, restyling from four different robberies. For the first ten years of his sentence he continued the same pattern of drug use that had driven his life for over two decades. In 1993, he became determined to change his life and entered the intensive Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Behavior Adjustment Unit at Graterford. After sixteen months of treatment, and being reconnected to the spirituality that his parents had instilled in him, he returned to general population. He has since been extraordinarily active in his own transformational process, and his personal quest to intervene in other men’s destructive life patterns. 


Andre has participated in the longest consistently running reentry program, People Advancing Reintegration (PAR) since 1997. Over the years he has served as facilitator, Director of Operations, Lead Facilitator/Curriculum Coordinator, and Executive Director. He is one of the founding members of the LIFERS’ Public Safety Initiative (PSI) and now serves on the Steering Committee.

Andre Davis

Board of Directors

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